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Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, and Internet of Things for Healthcare (eBook, ePUB)



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This book reviews that narrate the development of current technologies under the theme of the emerging concept of healthcare, specifically in terms of what makes healthcare more efficient and effective with the help of high-precision algorithms. The mechanism that drives it is machine learning, deep learning, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT)-the scientific field that gives machines the ability to learn without being strictly programmed. It has emerged together with big data technologies and high-performance computing to create new opportunities to unravel, quantify, and understand data-intensive processes in healthcare operational environments. This book offers comprehensive coverage of the most essential topics, including: . Introduction to e-monitoring for healthcare . Case studies based on big data and healthcare . Intelligent learning analytics in healthcare sectors using machine learning and IoT . Identifying diseases and diagnosis using machine learning and IoT . Deep learning architecture and framework for healthcare using IoT . Knowledge discovery from big data of healthcare-related processing . Big data and IoT in healthcare . Role of IoT in sustainable healthcare . A heterogeneous IoT-based application for remote monitoring of physiological and environmental parameters

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