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Social Media Marketing

Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: The consumers¿ buying decision is determined by information on the Internet. Whether the consumers are searching for the cheapest electricity deliverer, hoping to buy a new camera, or curious if a hotel is as good as the advertisement promises-they look it up on the Internet. Although it is only 10 percent of a company¿s marketing budget that is allocated for marketing on the Internet, the value of supplier websites, comments by other users, product comparison sites and online marketing for the consumers has become more than twice as important as the medium television. Recently, marketing on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube has become especially important for companies. They begin to realize that there is no other medium which is able to reach as many people in as little time and that, if applied successfully, marketing costs can be kept to the lowest. According to a study of GfK, the percentage of companies using social media as a marketing tool has risen from 16 percent in 2008 to 56,7 percent in 2009. This study deals with the term social media marketing and its different forms and impacts. As an introduction to the topic, it discusses the development of marketing from the ancient world until today. Subsequently, an entrance to the world of online marketing and its common forms will be presented. Furthermore, the study discusses the development of social media as a consequence of web 2.0 and highlights the benefits and risks of social media marketing. As Facebook is the social network with the presently greatest influence, it is used as an example for social network marketing. Finally, the study highlights the strategies of social media marketing by utilising precise and visual explanations of the basic instruments. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.Introduction4 2.What is marketing?5 3.Online marketing7 3.1.Banner7 3.2.Google AdWords8 3.3.Email marketing8 3.4.Affiliate marketing9 4.Social media as a consequence of Web 2.09 5.The benefit of Social media for enterprises12 6.Facebook as an example for social network marketing12 7.Advantages and disadvantages of Social networking marketing14 8.Strategies for social media marketing14 8.1.The Conversation Prism14 8.2.The basic instruments of web 2.016 8.2.1.Blogs17 8.2.2.Communities17 8.2.3.Photosharing19 8.2.4.Videosharing20 8.2.5.Wikis22 8.2.6.Podcasting23 8.2.7.Microblogs24 8.2.8.Social [...]

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